Irem C Yildiz

Ephemeral Performances of Istanbul "Effectus"

Architectural Design

Effectus stimulates random encounters and happenings with its open to intervention space and program. It aims to bring people of Istanbul together by sharing their own ephemeral everyday life activities to create manifold experiences. Questioning the current and traditional role of the architect, it focuses on the after-life of the 'building' process and proposes new ways of existing with the architect in it.

Project developed for Architectural Design Graduation Studio, taught by Arzu Erdem, Deniz Aslan, Hüseyin Kahvecioglu and Aslihan Senel at Istanbul Technical University in Spring 2014.

How might we use the space as a tool to enhance interactions?

  •     Performance as a serie of continous events that happen concurrently or sequentially and connected with programmatic and spatial transitions.