Irem C Yildiz


Brand Design, Design Strategy, Event Design, Interior Design

NOW. is an urban culture brand that provides design solutions for service and entertainment industry. 

Since 2013, NOW. has gained a considerable reputation in Istanbul’s socio-cultural stage with its event series, business to business event design solutions and various scaled design projects. To contribute and develop the urban culture while being creative is the 360-degree event design intelligence approach also applied to concept development, brand strategy and interior design projects. NOW. has worked and collaborated with more than 10 global brands to execute more than 150 events in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul, Izmir, and Eskisehir.

Role: Project Manager, Strategist, Designer. 

Active Years: 2014 - 2016.

Selected Spatial Design Works

  • Brand design, interior design, concept development and hospitality strategy for a boutique hotel located in Sultanahmet, Istanbul.

  • Concept design for a nightclub & lounge located in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

  • Concept design and construction drawings for a coffee shop located in Istanbul.

NOW_Brand Presentation-14.jpg

Last Two Hours.

Last Two Hours is an entrepreneurship event that came out with the prohibition of alcohol sales in liquor stores in Turkey after 10:00PM. The project which first 8 events occur in Besiktas, in a local liquor store, begun with the purposes of raising the awareness to the issue, helping local liquor stores to sustain their businesses and contributing to urban culture.

Role: Organization Designer.

Bean Beat Bite.

Bean Beat Bite is a sunday early afternoon event that occurs in local third wave coffee shops that has started in 2014. The idea was to help the growth of the new trend of third wave coffee shops in the city. By introducing live electronic and house music genres of the night scenes to the coffee shops of daily life, it is purposed to evoke an interaction among communities of different urban scenes.

Role: Project Manager.